A warm Scandinavian apartment with brown walls!

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Do you want to decorate your home and the result is impressive? Better, then, to trust a team of experts in interior decoration.

Many times we buy something because we simply like it, but when we get home we see that it either doesn’t fit the style of our home or the dimensions are different from what we thought.

So, with the advice of the experts, this type of mistakes will definitely be avoided. The expert’s eye is the one that understands quickly and immediately what suits the space, depending on the colors or the lighting, but even depending on the size of the room which is the best option for the best possible result.

Special attention is needed in office decoration. The decoration of the business space is something important, as it is the first impression of those who enter the office. Therefore, in this case, experts are a basic requirement for a correct, professional result.

As for the house, if you want to decorate it yourself, either because the budget is specific or because you simply want to take it on yourself, then see some

Wall painting
Avoid painting the walls of your home before buying the furniture and various decorations. Painting the walls should be done last. Many times we start by painting the walls, but the truth is that it is preferable to choose the colors last, depending on the furniture we have chosen. Therefore, since the furniture and the various decorative elements are there, then the painting must also be done, so that there is a coherence and to avoid pointless purchases.

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Give “breath” to the furniture
Do not stick the furniture to the wall. Give them some room to “breathe”. Although most people tend to place furniture close to the wall, such as the sofa, you prefer to place it more centrally, with a nice rug underneath and an impressive lamp next to it.

Just as it is better to buy the furniture first and then paint the walls, so it is also better to buy the furniture and then move on to buying the decorative elements, which will reflect your personality. It’s important to put elements of your personality into every room of the house, otherwise you’ll end up with the effect of… “window dressing”.

Give a base to the lighting
It is also important in a home to have proper lighting. If there isn’t a lot of natural light from large windows and patio doors, position your lights correctly, whether they’re hanging or floor. You can, for example, place a hanging lamp just one meter – and no higher – above your dining table. It is high enough to illuminate dinner time and low enough to give another atmosphere to the space.
Trust our passion and come to create together…

Rania Berchatou is an interior designer and creates personal special constructions , so that the spaces are original and perfectly harmonized with the needs of the environment and the wishes of the owner.

She founded her office in 2005 with the aim of designing and creating highly aesthetic interior and exterior spaces. Together with its team of partners, they deal with the space as a whole, proposing integrated solutions perfectly adapted to the budget and the desired delivery times.

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Guided by our many years of experience, scientific background, but above all our passion for the decoration of interior and exterior spaces , we offer decoration and design solutions for homes, shops, hotels and business premises .

Each project is designed taking into account the specificity of the space as well as the user, resulting in the design of solutions that stand out for their uniqueness.

Untitled-2All materials, furniture, fabrics and equipment are chosen with the aim of giving a calm and relaxed luxury in a modern environment.

Our goal is for all our proposals to contain inventive solutions, innovative applications of materials, modern or classic lines that coexist harmoniously with the evolution of technology, with an insistence on detail and a parallel commitment to the personal needs of the customer and the requirements of your space.

Giannis has just rented the apartment he will live in, and he wants to complete the interior decoration.
A design will be made for the decoration of his living room and office.
So that he can see the space complete, before even starting the process of purchasing furniture, lighting and other items.
This gives him the possibility to change something in the space in time if he does not agree and does not express it.
The decoration of his house wants not to be characterized as modern, but not classic either. For this reason, the style of the furniture was chosen, to be characterized by simple lines, without making it overly geometric, in combination with simple materials such as glass and wood. The symmetry on the central wall, where the fireplace is located, gives a classic feeling, but without weighing down the space due to the light materials chosen for the construction of the furniture.
The color that dominates the space is white, the decorative elements are few and modest. The work of art placed in the center subtly colors and enlivens the space.
Giannis doesn’t want to watch TV often, so he chose to have a single home cinema that he will use mainly in the evenings.
The space has two bedrooms, a kitchen in a separate room, a living room, a separate office space, where he will house the large collection of books he has due to his work, and two bathrooms.
The decoration of the space has a masculine character, since Giannis is a bachelor, and the female presence is not noticeable in the style of the house.
John, we wish you a good stay, and many successes, personal and professional!