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Welcome to ‘Got TODD’

‘Got TODD’ is a portal created by a group of restless people who love the comfort of home very much, aiming to inspire, inform and provide solutions related to decoration, technology, art, and architecture.

It is addressed both to professionals – decorators, architects, designers – and to all those who are looking for answers and inspiration in relation to the configuration, decoration and equipment of their space, whether it is a professional or a personal one.

‘Got TODD’ does not try to teach: it observes, is inspired, and uses the new and the original, the experience of the people of the space in the physical and online world and gathers for its visitors suggestions that they can apply, develop, to adapt, to use as inspiration. The priority is to be able to easily and efficiently find all the information and ideas you need in a pleasant portal. On its pages you can discover ideas and solutions for decoration, equipment and construction issues. Be creatively inspired and learn to make use of smart, special, original and designer decoration applications, bringing them to your measurements and needs – yours or your clients’.

In ‘Got TODD’, originality, innovation, diversity, art, quality and “personality” in design, are not identified with the dictates of fashion, the expensive, the branded. Every original and unique idea has its own corner.

Thank you !