The best hobbies for every personality

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No one’s life is like another’s life or personality, but most people want to have a hobby.

Participating in an activity or hobby can boost your brain health, help you make new social connections, and add even more interest and foundation to your life, as long as you choose the right hobby for you based on your personality.

Keep in mind that there are many personality types — and it’s possible that people have many of their associated traits at the same time.

Personality: The Big Five

The Big Five was designed to include those personality traits that people consider most important to their lives. Goldberg (1990), considered that behind this approach there are the most important aspects of interaction for people.

The term Big Five refers to each of the five personality traits within which many more sub-traits are found. Although different terms have been used for the Big Five, we usually talk about the terms: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Intellectual Availability, Goodwill, and Conscientiousness .

Personality and hobbies
Mental availability (need for activity and experiences, tolerance of uncertainty and exploration of the unknown):
Visiting museums
Nature walks
Reading a novel
Fun at a theme park
Participate in arts and crafts
Creative and imaginative baking and cooking classes
Conscientiousness (need for organization, discipline and goals)
Chess or games that require strategy
Attend structured and challenging cooking classes
Board games of knowledge and strategy
Fun in escape rooms
Extroversion (need for socializing, being active, expressing emotions)
Physical exercise with vigorous movements, such as Zumba, or dancing
Group painting or ceramics lessons
Organizing board game nights
Concerts and festivals
Friendship and discussion clubs
Participation in improvement groups
Good option: (people with strong empathy, compassion, kind-heartedness, willing, forgiving and trusting)
Volunteering at a charity
Book and poetry club
Planning community events and celebrations
Neuroticism (people anxious, maybe insecure, need for support)
Training for a marathon
Start a blog
Dealing with indoor plants
Foreign Languages
Puzzles and crosswords
Hobbies to start doing at home

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No doubt, in the past few days you have gone through the process of cleaning the house, reorganizing your cupboards, moving the furniture and maybe even counting the number of wooden planks on your floor.

If you are looking for ways to bring your creativity to life, then follow the steps below.

Practice cooking

It is the right time to try new recipes, to make the children’s favorite foods and sweets and in general to develop your cooking skills.

Learn a musical instrument

Play your favorite pieces on the piano that you have put aside due to obligations. Also if you don’t know a musical instrument you can make an effort to learn by watching videos on the internet. Make a plan of your finances

Financial planning should always be at the top of your to-do list especially when life throws up unexpected developments. So now that you have time, make a plan with income and expenses.

Learn a foreign language

It is a very good opportunity to finally start a foreign language that you have always wanted. Find books and exercises online and dedicate some hours to learning the language of your choice

Get a big facial

Dedicate a whole day to your beauty routine and feel relaxed and beautiful. You can pluck your eyebrows, do hair removal or do face masks.


You can try painting which is a very nice form of expression.
The special magic of free time lies not only in how many countless things we can choose to do, but also in how these can, in a subtle and spontaneous way, affect all areas of our lives, but especially our mental and physical well-being . What are your hobbies? If the answer is that you don’t have one due to lack of time, after reading this article, you will probably immediately revise the way you organize your life.

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Hobbies are what we seek to do in our free time. The Oxford classic dictionary defines it as “a favorite activity that one chooses for enjoyment and that is unrelated to one’s normal work.” Hobbies are cultivated through a continuous, systematic process and involve no material or financial gain. Choosing a particular hobby says a lot about a person’s personality, interests, talents and character.

There is a general belief that only those who lead a quiet, leisurely life have the “luxury” to enjoy a hobby. However, people who have busy and stressful daily lives are the ones who have a greater need for such activities, more so than the average person. This is because although it is believed that such an occupation adds to the tiredness of the day, in the end the exact opposite is what happens. But what exactly is the importance and benefits of constructive use of free time?

Why do we need hobbies?

• Relax and flow experience:
Sure, we all need some time to relax on our couch with a movie or just watch TV, but this passive type of relaxation doesn’t compare to actively engaging in something that fills us up. Hobbies give us a unique experience, called flow, which we feel when time passes quickly without realizing it, when we are so immersed in what we are doing that we have no consciousness of space and time, only satisfaction. When we begin to feel flow, we also begin to seek it more and more, since through it we feel ourselves.