Garden cleaning for the Summer

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The main gardening tasks undertaken by a gardener:
Garden maintenance
Construction of a new garden
Garden cleaning
Garden remodeling
Lawn mowing
Tree planting
Pruning trees
Tree cutting
Watering automations
How to save money on garden maintenance?
Regularly doing small maintenance jobs in your garden is the best way to save money and avoid major jobs in the future. However, if you don’t have the necessary time, you will benefit greatly from the cooperation of a professional gardener. Compare offers from reputable gardeners and save money by choosing the best one for you.

The gardener is able to undertake almost any maintenance task around the garden, including shaping, pruning, weeding and lawn care. Hiring a gardener on a regular basis can keep your garden under control and looking well-kept and beautiful.

Garden maintenance
Gardening is a much-loved activity, but unfortunately, due to busy lifestyles, not everyone has the time to beautify our outdoor spaces. So most of the time garden maintenance is carried out regularly by an experienced professional gardener.

A comprehensive maintenance may include cleaning the garden, mowing the lawn, watering, trimming plants, fertilizing, pruning trees, planting new plants. Also a professional gardener can install and set up automatic watering properly.

Regular garden maintenance in a single-family house, plot or multi-family house with a garden and plants is essential for the preservation and growth of plants.

Garden construction
The construction of a new garden needs proper planning and study by the professional gardener. The construction of a garden is carried out by preparing the ground, planting grass or laying turf, planting trees and plants. Next comes the installation of automatic watering in the garden and of course the desired garden decoration.

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A garden is highlighted by the installation of external lighting for the evening hours.

Lawn seeding and maintenance
Planting a lawn and maintaining it is one of the most basic gardening tasks. A well-kept lawn greatly enhances the garden space.

Lawn seeding requires good weeding, cleaning and proper soil preparation.

Seeding the garden lawn may seem like a simple process, but only a professional gardener will achieve the result you have dreamed of. The best time to sow the lawn in the garden is spring and autumn. The correct sowing of the lawn will offer you a beautiful aesthetic result.

A complete garden lawn maintenance needs regular mowing, fertilizing, weeding and watering. Lawns can grow quickly, especially when it has recently rained, so regular mowing is inevitable. Lawn mowing should be done when the grass is dry and at the appropriate height for your grass type, otherwise you risk stunting your lawn’s growth.

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Tree and plant pruning
Pruning or cutting back overgrown or dead branches from trees, plants and shrubs is a great way to encourage growth in your garden and keep it tidy all season long.

The appropriate season for each pruning depends very much on the climate of each region and the type of plant. Every tree or plant has different pruning needs.

By pruning trees or plants in the garden, the renewal of the plant is achieved, the maintenance of the correct shape, the creation of new vegetation and its better growth. Fruiting and flowering of the tree or plant is also favored. At the same time, it is checked whether there are signs of entomological diseases.

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Garden cleaning
Weeding a garden is an essential gardening task. Especially in the spring time, garden cleaning is a very popular task as the garden has certainly been stressed by the winter temperatures and weather.

Weeds grow in all gardens that prevent the healthy growth of other plants and create an unsightly effect. Regular garden cleaning is one of the most important factors in the growth and appearance of the garden. A professional gardener has the necessary equipment to clear the garden quickly and safely.
We undertake the construction and shaping of old and new gardens by choosing the right outdoor plants for your garden, installing or repairing an automatic watering system, laying ready-made turf, sowing lawn – clover, adding soil and soil conditioners.

garden plan

Initially, a study of the area is carried out and, if the customer wishes, a plan of the garden is given in written or electronic form together with the financial offer.

 Every new garden construction comes with a 2-month warranty to monitor the plants and the entire garden.

garden maintenance

After the completion of the project and if the customer wishes, we also undertake the maintenance of the garden.
We choose the right plants for forming a natural fence in our house. There are many choices in plant species, foliage colors and combinations of shrubs and trees. It is important to choose the right plants to use for the fence. This will be determined by the conditions prevailing in our garden (lighting, humidity, location, etc.) as well as by our needs (e.g. low fence, very dense, etc.)
Lawns, rock gardens and flower beds designed with curves planted with ground cover and low growing plants. Between the spaces left by the green plants we choose perennial or seasonal flowers so that we always have color in our garden. We use natural materials such as stone and bark mulch for a more beautiful and natural result. If necessary, we slope the ground of the garden or create levels.
as well as new plantings with species of aromatic and ornamental plants.