Cleaning walls: 5 smart tips to make them sparkle

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Do you try to keep every part of your home sparkling and beautiful but feel like cleaning walls will tire you? No matter how careful you are, there’s no way you’ll be able to keep your walls spotless for long. Every now and then someone will touch your wall with dirty hands, your child will experiment with paints on it, your dog will leave his footprint. Well, he doesn’t want to get dirty too much!

The walls, beyond their utilitarian value for each room, are also an ornament for your palace, which is why they need care. However, when is it necessary to clean them? The evaluated professionals of our platform suggest that you should clean your walls once a year. We will give you the advice you need to make your walls look like freshly painted again!

Something you should know:
Most of the time the walls are painted with either plastic paints or oil paints. Plastic paints are based on water. They are easy to wash, as long as some time has passed since they were painted and they have been well integrated into the wall. Oil paints, on the other hand, are based on oil and are considered more resistant to washing.

Regarding the cleaning of walls, our oil painters advise that a good dusting or a careful rubbing with a fresh cloth is sufficient. It might be enough to get rid of local stains on your wall. What will you do, however, in case the “problem” is bigger? Here you need to be careful, since generally too much water opens the pores of the paint and it then absorbs more dirt. Don’t despair if water can’t remove unwanted marks from your walls. You can do a light cleaning with a little water and a natural cleaner. So painting will be your last weapon against dirt!

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5 steps for perfect wall cleaning!

As long as you know whether your walls are painted with plastic paint or oil paint, prefer to create a natural cleaning mixture. Apart from the fact that it will certainly do good to your wall, you will avoid the possibility of a stain remaining by using a ready-made commercial chemical cleaner. The easy solution to cleaning walls is the easy-to-wash all-purpose wall cleaner. It would be good to test the product first on an inconspicuous part of the surface, in order to make sure that the cleaner is friendly to your wall.

Remove all decorations, frames, paintings and clocks from the walls of the room you want to clean. Nothing should stand in the way of your wall cleaning process! Free the surfaces of all objects that “weigh them down” and of course, hang the curtains that decorate your space so that they don’t get wet or dirty. Finally, remove any furniture that is nearby to free up the field and clean as easily and quickly!
Do not skip this step, as it is the key to successful wall cleaning. Therefore, before proceeding to wash the walls, you should remove any dirt or dust present on them. Otherwise, the subsequent cleaning will create additional dirt or mud, which in turn will spread to the previously clean part of the wall. How are you going to clean your wall in the first place? You can initially use a clean and wet soft cloth to thoroughly dust every part of your walls. Use a mop or broom and wrap it in the cloth to make your life easier! You can even dust your walls with these cloths that are applied to the end of the special poles. Alternatively, “vacuum” them,
Now continue cleaning your walls with a sponge and cloth. Add a few drops of your dish detergent to a bowl of warm water. Stir the mixture well and dip a sponge into it. Carefully rub your walls with it and then go over them with a clean and wet cloth.

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If the stains are not coming off your wall, then make the following mixture!

Pour into a basin, this time a cup of warm water, half a cup of vinegar and five drops of lemon essential oil. Mix your mixture well again and follow the same process with the sponge and cloth.

If your walls remain stained, pour some warm water into a bowl. Add baking soda and mix until a paste forms. This paste will save you, especially if you are a parent! It is able to remove stains from marker, pencil, crayon and ink. In the event that you have an unruly “little man”, unruly dog, you can also remove the stain from other objects that have indelibly scarred your wall. Apply this mixture to treat the mark that comes from the sole of a shoe to your dog’s paw! Put a small amount of the mixture on a clean cloth and rub carefully. Finally, use another cloth with water and clean the spot. If the stain persists any longer, spread a small amount of white toothpaste on it. Leave it there for 2-3 minutes and then wipe it off with a cloth. If the stain still hasn’t gone away, try one more time.

Formal dinners and celebrations require a neat table with nice decorations and tableware.

Do you want to invite your friends but are embarrassed to display your everyday cutlery and plates? It’s time to dig out the silverware you’ve inherited from the drawer. But you left them unused for a long time and they are already blackened and dull. Silverware cleaning should then become your priority if you want to steal the show!

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It is true that silver is a sensitive material as it tarnishes very easily, i.e. it oxidizes when not in use, so it needs constant care. The various silver objects such as cutlery, candlesticks and platters as well as jewelery are ideal for special occasions. Even for you who are a fan and use them often, proper and intensive polishing will give them the perfect look