Garden cleaning for Spring

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The nature and feeling of green has a profound effect on people’s daily lives. It creates a sense of relaxation, contemplation and spiritual exploration. A garden, whether it is located in your business premises or in your private one, always makes you feel that you are close to nature. How much more so when this garden is clean and well cared for. The fast and demanding conditions of life do not allow you to occupy yourself with the cleaning and care of your garden. But at the same time, you want to have a beautiful lawn, beautifully decorated fences and colorful flowering bushes. For this reason it is worth contacting a garden and outdoor cleaning company.

Such a cleaning company deals with the collection of all types of waste from your garden or outdoor space. It is even possible to transport them using special containers.

It uses special cutting, pruning and deforestation machines from unwanted vegetation. Removes dry grasses and other plants, with reliable and environmentally friendly cleaning, without bothering you at all. So you enjoy an elegant result. Garden work needs the right and best tools, as well as experienced specialist staff, which allows cleaning to be carried out more quickly and efficiently.

What you should not forget is that by choosing a serious cleaning company, you take care of the health of your loved ones and your employees, save time, money and ensure cleanliness and shine in our space and help protect the environment.

At United Cleaning & Housekeeping Services we love what we do and respect the environment. This means that we guarantee the fact that you will be completely satisfied. We have the know-how and experience and always in combination with your requirements, we can suggest exactly what your garden or outdoor space needs. Our trained staff, with their technical knowledge, can stand by your every need.

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After the last snow melts and the ground starts to dry

it’s time to spring clean your garden ! March is considered one of the most important months for gardening as it is the time when we have to deal with tasks necessary before the awakening of nature!

It is a fact that the regular care of the soil, the plants and the cleanliness of the area are the main factors that regulate the daily image of the garden over time!

Therefore, the removal of dry leaves and branches is part of the general cleaning of the garden. When the leaves start to turn yellow, it means that their life cycle is over, so we should remove them from our plants. The same goes for dry branches!

Another very important process for cleaning the garden but at the same time for the growth of our plants, is weeding or weeding! Very often various small weeds appear around the plants, which if they remain and are not removed multiply, over the entire surface of the soil. This phenomenon, in addition to creating an ugly and unkempt visual effect, also creates a problem for the growth of the surrounding plants, since the weeds absorb the nutrients from the soil, which would help them stay beautiful and healthy.

In its overall picture, our garden should always be neat and clean, even in the Spring season. Our lawn, plants and trees suffered a lot from the cold temperatures and winter weather and need extra care to recover.

Contact us and our trained staff will recommend the appropriate services for cleaning your garden, outdoor areas, clearing unwanted vegetation, pruning and cutting branches, as well as cleaning dry grass!
The most beautiful season is Christmas, where the lights illuminate every space, every house and every street, waiting how and how the holidays will come and the new year will enter. Decorating is a process that most people like and that’s because everyone gets together and enjoys festive moments. However, there are few who want to take part in the parade. And decluttering requires a good cleaning.

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How can you clean your space after Christmas decorations?

Store trim

The first thing you must do is organize and store your Christmas decorations. It would be good to separate them into thematic sections from the beginning so that you have the possibility to locate them more easily next year.

Deep cleaning

After the storage of the decoration will have preceded, now it is the turn of the deep cleaning of the space. This means that you will have to focus on every corner and hard-to-reach point, which the human eye cannot reach, in order to clean every last “garland”.

Vacuum cleaner

In these cases, the vacuum cleaner is mandatory.

In addition to helping you pick up every last grain of dust and dirt, it will also help you finish your chores faster, without brooms, messes and more.

Rearranging furniture

In order for a space to look clean, in addition to storing the decoration, deep cleaning and vacuuming should “return” the furniture back to its place. Therefore, in addition to a clean one, you will also have a well-ordered space.

If you don’t have time to do all these procedures now, you can turn to a professional cleaning company such as United Cleaning and Housekeeping Services to have your space cleaned by our experienced staff.
As the holidays approach, most of you will feel that there is no time to deal with the cleanliness of your office. On the one hand, your workers may be on site and on the other hand there may be this endless work that does not help to organize a thorough cleaning before the holidays.

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However, if you create a checklist in advance of the necessary things to do during cleaning, you will be able to enjoy the holidays in peace.

A complete cleaning list should include the following:


Computer screen cleaning and keyboard dusting.
Recycling useless documents and emptying waste bins.
Sweeping and mopping floors around and under desks.
Cleaning windows or glass panes of the business.