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Ideas for garden construction with SHOWOOD. See construction ideas & outdoor decoration solutions that will completely change the look of your garden.

Designing and building a garden is a creative pursuit that will give you joy and peace of mind, something we all seek in the long run. Shaping and decorating your garden according to your personal aesthetic and seeing it change according to the season or the time, you will feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

See below some ideas for constructions in the garden that will give you inspiration for the decoration of your outdoor space . Through a wide range of wood products , from pergolas and thatched roofs to wooden furniture and garden houses , you will find smart solutions for fantastic constructions that will completely change the look and improve the functionality of your garden.

5 ideas for constructions in the garden

Whether you are creating a garden from scratch, adding some new elements or changing its decor, the right initial design is important. From the choice of plants to decorative objects, you must have formed in advance an image of the effect you want to achieve. This way you will efficiently organize the tasks that need to be done and no corrections will be needed along the way.

Garden construction with wooden floor and lawn
An interesting idea is to combine outdoor wooden flooring with lawn. You can thus delimit a space, where you will place an outdoor seating area or create wooden walkways.

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If you take care of your garden yourself and do not outsource the work, a wooden garden house can be configured as a warehouse for keeping and organizing your garden . It is not necessary to place it in an isolated corner, you can integrate it into the general concept of the garden, letting an ivy cover the walls, for example.
Gravel and pebbles are widely used in ground cover. They are considered an ideal solution to prevent weeds from growing between ornamental plants and to fill in the gaps. At the same time, they are used in the construction of gardens as decorative materials.

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Gravel is usually sold in its natural color, but you will find decorative pebbles and gravels in various color shades that, combined with wood, will give a different, more dynamic character to your garden design.

It is easy to create gravel surfaces in various shapes, which can be alternated with strips of lawn or flower beds
You too can turn your roof into a small private oasis, right above your house and at the same time give your city a breath of green.

Roof garden construction is a new trend in urban gardening, increasingly popular in recent years. Rooftop gardens are ideal for children and pets to play, or to build your own vegetable garden, which will supply you with fresh fruit and vegetables all year round.

Construction of a garden fence
Garden fencing is essential for the security and demarcation of your garden or yard. The materials you choose ( wooden , trellised or thatched fences ) should match and complement the general aesthetics of your garden.

All types of fencing

Garden constructions in houses with swimming pool
A real dream for those planning to buy or build a house is to create a garden combined with a swimming pool. Depending on the shape of the pool, you will choose the appropriate material to frame it.

A rectangular pool is best suited to the clean, monochromatic lines of a grass surface, natural or artificial. If there is space, a structure with a pergola will provide the necessary shade for the hottest hours of the day. The decor will be complemented by wooden deckchairs where you can sunbathe, read or simply rest.
You will give a more interesting look to an irregularly shaped or kidney-shaped pool by placing next to them some pots of flowers or plants with branches that fall towards the surface of the water. You can also install wooden flooring around the edges to give a warmer and more natural feel.
The walls of an ecological or natural pool are made of gravel, sand or volcanic stones. Usually such garden structures are surrounded by aquatic plants, so that the pool looks like a pond found in nature. A white gravel path leading to it is an interesting stylistic proposition.
See the steps to do proper garden maintenance. Mowing, pruning, flower beds, transplanting and everything else you need to know about garden care.

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Garden maintenance can sometimes be tiring, but it always remains a creative and enjoyable activity, which can relieve you from the worries of everyday life. A well-maintained garden immediately gives the impression that its owner loves and cares for it.

But what is the best time to landscape a garden ? When to prune shrubs? How often should you mow the lawn? When should you transplant your plants? Then see the 5+1 steps that will help you take care of your garden effectively, avoiding possible mistakes and failures.

Garden maintenance with grass cutting

Regular mowing of the grass is of prime importance to keep it green and healthy. The frequency of mowing depends on the type of lawn, the season and the mower. In general, in spring and autumn, when the grass is growing fastest, it should be mowed at least once a week. In the summer months, its growth becomes slower and it needs trimming every 8-10 days. With the first frost, mowing must be stopped completely.

In terms of cutting length, experts recommend following the one-third rule : in each haircut, do not cut more than one-third of the height. If the grass is cut too short, it injures the base of the lawn and slows down growth.