Bad habits in house cleaning

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Bad habits can turn house cleaning into an exhausting activity.

A bad cleaning can make us lose money and time. However, like almost everything in life, there is a solution, as long as you are aware of the mistakes you are making. Cleaning the windows during a sunny day or using the same cloth to clean different surfaces are just a few examples.

Find out what other bad habits you may be following when cleaning your home.

Bad habits in house cleaning: You start cleaning from the bottom up

When you see the floor covered in dust and garbage, your instinct is to clean it before the rest. This may be normal, but it makes sense to start cleaning from top to bottom .

In this way, the dust from the lamps, pictures, shelves and other furniture will fall to the floor. This should be the last spot you clean in the room.

Using the same cloth to clean all surfaces

Cloths, sponges and other cleaning tools can stain some surfaces if we use them to clean very dirty areas . If the cleaning cloth has a poor appearance and trapped debris, you should replace it without delay.

In this way, the dust from the lamps, pictures, shelves and other furniture will fall to the floor. This should be the last spot you clean in the room.

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Bad habits in house cleaning: Using too much soap

Using more soap than necessary will not clean clothes and dishes better, nor will it clean surfaces that need to be scrubbed. On the contrary: too much soap will leave more dirt and you will have to use more water to get a good result.

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Not to mention that you can damage some fabrics this way . It is advisable to always use the amount of detergent indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions.

You don’t clean your cleaning tools

Do you think that the cloth, broom, mop, sponge and brush clean themselves? A lot of people think so. After all, they already carry enough soap, bleach , sanitizer, and water when cleaning, so why wash them again?

This way of thinking seems reasonable. However, it is wrong.

Germs and dirt often stick to the tools we use to clean , so every object we use must be disinfected. Otherwise, you’ll carry the same dirt to the next spot you want to clean.

Stacking wet cloths and sponges
We are often tired when we finish cleaning.

So what’s the first thing we do? We leave our wet cloths or towels in a pile.

This is a common mistake that many people are not aware of. This pile you are making is perfect for mold and bacteria to grow. Also, the smell after a few hours will be unpleasant.

Best practice is to hang any wet cloth to dry. Then place them in the laundry basket for washing when the time comes.
Bad habits in house cleaning: You don’t protect your hands with gloves
Don’t damage your hands. Protect them from chemicals and possible accidents such as cuts. The best way to take care of your hands when cleaning the house is to use good quality rubber gloves. Make sure these are your size.

You don’t let the product work
If this sounds familiar, you’re not the only person who has this bad habit: you pour the cleaning product and immediately proceed to clean.

However, each substance has a specific time to do its job. Read the instructions for use.
Generally 30 seconds are required . This way, you achieve the desired effect without having to scrub the area as much.

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You leave things unwashed before bed
Does this remind you of something?

“I’ll wash the dishes tomorrow. I’m very tired today.” Then the next day: “What a mess! I wish I had washed them last night.
However, this is not the only reason to leave everything clean before going to bed.

Remember that insects and rodents come out at night and feed on whatever you have left behind. Do you want to have nightmares? Leave the dirty dishes in the sink, wake up early in the morning and turn on the kitchen light. You will see the insects having a party!

Bad house cleaning habits: Overfilling the dishwasher and washing machine
Filling some devices to the limit is a mistake we often make. We believe that this way we can save time, water and energy, but nothing could be further from the truth.
It turns out that the maximum efficiency of a device occurs when you fill it to 3/4 of its total capacity . Otherwise, you risk the items coming out dirty and having to repeat the process.You walk in your shoes in the house
Asians take off their shoes before entering a house. However, if you think about it logically, it allows you to keep your house clean for a longer period of time . Leave the dirt from the street in the hall. Do you know how many things you step on in a short walk?