Modern yet timeless home decor ideas

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The world of decoration is certainly neither simple nor easy, which is why there are experts who help us. Decorating trends are a bit like fashion trends: they change all the time, but since decorating a home is clearly more expensive than clothes and dressing, it’s good to be careful. By this we mean that he should keep his mind on the trends and developments in the industry – always within the framework of what is reasonable and possible for someone who is not an expert – but the choices he makes should not be made based only on the most advanced trend, but also take timelessness into account.

Simply put, decorating is all about being able to choose things that will be considered beautiful and fashionable not just for a few months, but for as long as possible. Of course, personal taste also always plays an important role, since not all trends are for everyone and some may simply not suit one’s taste or temperament.

So after that introduction, let’s take a look at some of the 2019 decor trends that really deserve our attention.

The ceiling from a poor relative of decoration is now emerging as one of its protagonists. Many decorators are now avoiding separate walls – that is, walls that stand out from the room because of their different color or some other bold element – ​​and give that role to the ceiling. The ceiling now takes on bright colors and other elements such as wallpaper and becomes the star of the room, inviting the visitor to look up.

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Until recently we can say that in most decorators’ spaces we saw a strong preference for light and soft colors, such as pink and light blue. This is now changing. We see that on the pages of magazines and catalogs of the genre, more warm and earthy colors and materials take center stage. We again see colors such as orange, mustard and shades of coffee, while terracotta and wood make their presence very noticeable. These colors are characteristic of the 70s, which is making a dynamic comeback in decoration and beyond.

Those of you who work in the fashion industry will know that for several years anorexic models like Kate Moss are no longer the ultimate model for the catwalks. Now the world loves and embraces curves and the same is happening with decoration and specifically with furniture, where we are seeing a revival of the 60s. This of course does not mean that psychedelic patterns and strange colors have come to the fore, but it does mean that the modern furniture says goodbye to corners and “hugs” curves. Sofas, armchairs and tables are no longer long and square, but round, oval and semi-circular.
“We used to dance the most beautiful folk dances in houses with mosaics,” Alcistis Protopsalti tells us in her nostalgic song, but it seems that there will be more dances in mosaics, since mosaics are back in the decoration. To be precise, mosaic is now widely used by the biggest decorators not only on the floor but also on the walls, since there are also tiles with a mosaic design.

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So if you want a timeless solution for your floor, mosaic seems to be a very good choice. If your home has a mosaic and you hide it with carpet or your furniture, it’s time to polish it and show it off!

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hether you are a student or working and feel the need to renew and make a change in your room, home and everyday life, this is the right time to move forward with your plans!

Autumn is the ideal season for new beginnings and gives you the occasion you’ve been looking for to finally make those long-awaited changes to your home decor, which you’ve been putting off for a long time.

If you don’t know where to start or you have no idea about interior decoration, just take a look at the list we have prepared. It includes the top decor trends of 2020 and can give you the ideas and solutions you are looking for to create your own “refuge” of calm, concentration and relaxation this year.

So here are the new trends in home decoration that deserve your attention!

Mindfulness and wellness in decoration too

If you expected that greenery and your favorite plants would leave your room or house in 2020, it seems that you were wrong. Because the new and top trends in home decoration want your spaces to turn into wellness “refuges” of comfort and well-being.

So, if you don’t already have plants (artificial or not), it’s definitely worth adding some greenery to your home. As far as interior decoration is concerned, in addition to plants and the ” must ” decorations with flowers that make the house or room look more “zen”, we are now invited to choose materials that bring us closer to natural environment such as wood and bamboo. Some wooden decorations, some bamboo baskets and general furniture dominated by the wooden element will make a difference in your spaces this year!
The bedroom and comfort – in the foreground

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If you love to sleep, you will go crazy with this decor trend. Because this season and the coming year, the most important room in the house is not the living room or the kitchen but your bedroom . Because it seems that -finally- we understood that a good sleep also means a better life for it and in 2020, bedrooms are transformed into places of essential relaxation

So stock up on products that will help you create the ideal conditions for a good night’s sleep and create a space that will relax you every night when you lie down and every morning when you wake up: From blinds that control light to super soft sheets and ergonomic pillows . What more could you ask for?