Home decoration ideas and solutions

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The ideas for the decoration of our home as well as its renovation are triggered by the need for renewal and change, which means one thing: experiment and get out of your comfort zone!

If you spend some time on social media (such as pinterest ), you will surely have noticed that color has made an absolute comeback in home decoration, colors that calm you down and colors that lift your mood!

Now more than ever, natural materials, earthy colors and bold patterns are adopted for an aesthetic and psychological rejuvenation.

The new trends will win you over and claim a place in your interior decoration. A clarion call to let your creativity run free for experimentationInterior decoration guided by comfort and tranquility!
It is now a fact that we spend much more time in our living room and we have to do something about it!

No more cold colors and materials.

We want the whole house to exude comfort, friendliness and style in every sense

This connection with our personal space requires us to be particularly interested in the materials and furniture we choose.

In a modern day-to-day life more pressing than ever, natural materials reasonably gain even more value.

The look of light wood combined with friendly, soft fabrics in an environment of earthy tones compose an atmosphere uniquely intimate

There is a way for everything! You can see the living room renovation work and we can discuss all your ideas!
Green , the calming color
Green is one of the colors that lift us up!

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It has its due in terms of fabrics, home and wall decorations.

However, an indoor plant will reward you in the most refreshing way, instantly and easily.

Pots were, are and will be a constant must in interior decoration. Live sensation of freshness!

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Emphasize the walls
It’s not just the frames and the photos. In the context of highlighting the walls, hanging fabrics known as “tapestries” as well as imaginative tapestries are a creative idea in the decoration of your home. Particular motifs, monochrome or multi-coloured, as well as floral displays enhance the decoration in an easy, economical and original way.

Enhance the warmth of your living room by choosing modern wooden coffee tables made of solid natural wood.

There is also the ceiling!
Be original and give your ceiling a chance to make its mark.

Choose an area of ​​your home or even the whole and make the ceiling the protagonist.

It takes center stage with geometric pattern wallpapers, natural illustrations and whatever else experiment for an unexpected surprise to anyone who enters the space. Combine it with the right lighting and furniture.

A little imagination and daring never hurts! Do you agree?

Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Don’t be afraid of metal
For a modern and unique bedroom decoration , metal constructions are highly recommended.

This material looks uniquely chic on side tables or bedside tables.

In addition to adding a modern touch to your space, they are also excellent decorative pieces when matched in the right color with the rest of the room’s furnishings.

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Invest in a color
Use bright colors and try to apply them in bedroom decoration.

So carefully choose a color that makes you feel good and fits the existing furniture. Then feel free to experiment with different tones of the same color.

With this choice, all the decoration and furnishing elements of the space blend harmoniously together, without however becoming monotonous.

Think Modern
Modern is always one of the best decorating ideas for our home. The three elements for a modern bedroom decor are clean lines, functional furniture and natural lighting.

Prefer furniture with clean lines and shapes and avoid bulky, bold furniture. In addition special vases, or even a few books arranged carefully-sloppily, add character. Finally highlight the natural lighting of your space!

home renovation-decoration
Combine the styles
Give your own unique character by combining the above home decoration ideas .

The first element you will use should cover no more than 60% of the overall image of the room.

In the remaining 30% of the space place special decorative elements and for the 10% choose a strong touch.

Make sure each ratio has a different style from the others to avoid visual repetition.

Don’t forget that all new trends are a guide to get inspired and discover your own home decoration ideas . First find what makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and authentic, then create the ideal composition for a space you will love to live in! When you’re ready you can see any tasks needed for decorating – bedroom renovation .
Many times, having in mind the renovation of a space , we basically think about changing the decoration, which essentially contributes to the aesthetic reformation, gives the final “touch” and the air of renewal. But also in the new construction , the decoration is what gives style and the special character according to the preferences of each individual.

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renovationHaving qualified and experienced partners ( interior architects , decorators ) we can provide you with smart and tasteful solutions in shaping your space , whether it is professional , such as shops , offices , companies , hotels or your personal residence . After studying the space, we discuss your wishes and requirements, according to the amount you have budgeted, which will give the final shape of the design.interior designrenovationIn the next stage, we prepare the impression of the space, objects and constructions (furniture, wardrobes, etc.) with 3D visualization, presenting you the architectural structure as well as the decoration ideas proposed by our team. Having talent and plenty of imagination combined with know-how, our architects and decorators will impress you with their creations ! So you can see in every detail the changes that will take place.