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A tour of beautiful, tasteful homes around the globe, designed by famous designers to inform us about new trends and ideas, get inspiration and to … travel!

The designer, famous for her minimalist style with retro references, takes on the interior design of an apartment for a family in Manhattan. Taking into account the needs and lifestyles of family members to design and furnish spaces, he uses a careful selection of fabrics, modern forms, timeless sofas and seats, to shape a space that exudes balance, warmth and elegance.
The living room is carefully decorated in creamy white. The different cream-white shades of the fabrics create an elegant, calm ensemble.

beautiful and modern ideas for interior room dividers

If you want to separate the living room from your kitchen, you can use a piece of furniture with shelves or a bookcase. A good idea is to decorate the shelves with plants, books, candles and other decorations and you can also use them for storage by putting wicker baskets and boxes!
A wooden room divider with vertical beams will give your space a lot of style. This way you will strongly give the illusion of two different rooms while at the same time you will have visual access from one space to the other!
Do you want to add color, energy and vitality to your home, without having to make radical changes to its decoration? Many believe that indoor flowers attract positive energy and bring happiness into the home!

Do you dream of a life away from the city center? If moving to the countryside is not in your immediate plans, you can create your own Paradise. Follow one of the most popular trends of the season and renew your living room, kitchen and bedroom with indoor flowers!

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What are the most beautiful and “convenient” plants that will help you transform the image of your space? We’ve prepared a list of our favorite flowers that don’t need much care to look great!
10 of our favorite indoor flowers!
The orchid is my favorite indoor flower. My mom always had an orchid on the kitchen windowsill and every morning when she woke up she would talk to it “to be happy and grow”. Indeed, when it bloomed it gave color and vitality to the whole house, since it stood out from afar. You should protect it from the wind and place it in a place where the sun can see it enough. An ideal position is next to some glazing or on the windowsill.
The poinsettia, also known in Greece as the Christmas flower, since it is the flower of Christmas, is the most popular indoor flower worldwide. Even more impressive is the fact that the largest percentage of alexandrines are purchased during Christmas. Surely at some point you will have received or offered this wonderful red flower as a gift. In recent years, more varieties have appeared with rich colors that suit every living room! How about white or pink

Hibiscus, the flower of Hawaii, is one of the most impressive indoor flowers.

It stands out thanks to its wonderful colors and its wide leaves that can exceed 15 cm. The flowering period of the hibiscus lasts from spring until the end of autumn. Sometimes it is possible to flower throughout the year, even in the cold winter months. Hibiscus needs a lot of light, so the best place is next to a window or glass window
The architectural team of Studio Omerta knows how to steal impressions from the entrance of a space, whether it is professional or private. He focuses on his strengths and if they don’t exist, he simply creates them through study, imagination and ingenuity.

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The elements that characterize the work of Studio Omerta are also found in the residence “The Edge”.
The contemporary architectural writing of Studio Omerta, meets the imperatives of Feng Shui through the curvilinear design, the glass openings on the ground floor floors, which allow the influx of natural light to the lower levels, meets the play of photo-shadows, the transparency meets with the view and the art meet with the special constructions in a constant game between usability and aesthetics, to complete a residence of high standards.
Designing a home is a very personal and authentic process – from the floor plan to the finishing of the cabinets, as the space expresses the characteristics of the people who inhabit it.

And in the process the home becomes more than a place to sleep and eat, it transforms into a place of safety, comfort and personal expression.
Therefore, among the trends that are given from time to time in residential spaces is the continuity between indoor and outdoor space. To achieve such an atmosphere, greenery is incorporated as an integral element in the design of the house. It is often incorporated into walkways, patios and semi-enclosed yards to ensure proper plant hydration and sunlight exposure. Building around a pre-existing or intentionally planted tree is a powerful design technique that gives another dimension to the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living.
Five houses where the lines between indoors and outdoors are blurred

Sheltered Villas in Karpathos by A&M ARCHITECTS

These three impressive villas are spread over an area of 12,000 sq.m. in Karpathos. The A&M architectural office designed them not to impose themselves on the natural landscape, but, instead, to integrate into the environment in a humble way and with respect to the natural topography. And all this without losing sight of the amazing view of the Aegean
With a 23% slope, the villas emerge from the landscape in a linear arrangement parallel to the view, respecting the natural topography. Each building is located on a different terrain surrounded by a sloping ramp that connects the villas located at different topographical elevation.