10 ways to improve indoor air quality

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Many people, often opening the window, assume that they will do their best. Others think they do better with air fresheners or candles, assuming they can improve the atmosphere a bit by “masking odors”, when in fact these things can have the opposite effect!

If your home has a smelly, humid and stuffy atmosphere with “polluting microbial loads”, then here’s what you can do to improve your air quality:

10 ways to improve indoor air quality.

Use household cleaning products that respect people and the environment.
It is necessary to be careful when buying household cleaning products, it is necessary to study the label, such as the contraindications of drugs. Avoid the use of “toxic cleaners” by replacing them with products that are kinder to people and the environment.

Use home improvement colors and materials that are friendly to people and the environment.
If you are painting your home or doing any type of renovation, make sure the chemicals in the building products are human and environmentally friendly for better air quality. Choose to have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), paints, building materials and furniture in your home, so that they emit as few pollutants as possible.

Professional restoration and cleaning-decontamination services provided from all areas to remove dirt, dust, require the use of systems and methods with applications even in the most inaccessible places, but also to purify the air with HealthWay EMF™ cleaning systems where it will help keep the space in the room at high standards.

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Do not “kill” dust mites, these elegant animals with sprays, foams, etc., because you will not solve the allergy problems that come from the proteins present in their excrement, if you do not eliminate them, (yes get out -les), without a shoulder to recycle them to further pollute the environment.

“Indoor” dust mites are difficult to “get out” of a mattress with the traditional cleaning of a vacuum cleaner. On the contrary, static electricity can be created by friction, which concentrates them more easily in the mattress.

The Diversity between the services provided for “clean interior spaces” in relation to healthy living, gives the possibility of highlighting the reality, so that you can discover the innovative Bio-applications for the Management of interior spaces, but also the opportunity to take joint action decisions against costly “hidden costs”.

Indoor plants :

Plants are an element of decoration, which gives dynamism to a house. Although many prefer to place plants outside, there are indoor plants that purify the atmosphere of the house and contribute to health.

Some plants absorb moisture and others produce a lot of oxygen throughout the day. In general, improved indoor air quality means less risk of viruses, coughs, allergies and infections. Below are the 9 most impressive indoor plants that purify the atmosphere.

A lemon tree placed in the kitchen is an ideal choice. In addition to fresh lemons, it will give an aroma of freshness and cleanliness, since its leaves sterilize everything around them. In addition, this indoor plant will clean the atmosphere of dampness. Lemon tree care, however, is important. It must be watered regularly, otherwise it will quickly wilt.
Bay leaves, like lemons, tend to absorb moisture. Thus, you will combine the delight of food with clean air of humidity, which will save you from problems at home and in health. However, be very careful with the care of the laurel, because in order to survive it needs shade and sufficient watering, especially in summer.