Places to spend your holidays… relaxing 

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With an amphitheater Chora and beautiful beaches in a row, Anafi is a dream destination for those who want to be filled with images from their vacations. With a special natural beauty, all-white houses and stone streets, the island is suitable for exploring and hiking. If, in fact, hiking is among your interests, there are various paths for routes that you can follow, with the most characteristic being the path that leads to the Upper Monastery of Panagia at the top of Kalamos overlooking the sea.

The most popular beach of the island is Megalos Roukounas where most people camp. Kleisidi is for many one of the most beautiful beaches of Anafi, while it is worth your while to take a dip in Agios Anargyros, even though they have a difficult descent, in Katsouni, Mega Potamos, Agios Nikolaos, etc.

Gavdos: at the southernmost tip of Europe

In Gavdos you will surely meet others like you who want their peace and seek more than anything contact with the sea. And what a sea! Agios Ioannis has been ranked second on the Discovery Channel’s list of the best beaches in the world, while Tripiti beach is the southernmost in Europe. Forget the sunbeds, the music and the hustle and bustle and swim on the beach of Pyrgos, isolated.

The 4 picturesque settlements of the island (Ampelos, Kastri, Xenaki, Vatsiana) will fill you with images and the climate of Gavdos may liberate you more than ever. The only people who will probably be… disturbed while you relax are the 100 or so permanent residents of the island who will be confronted by hordes of tourists.
Alonissos: in colors of Sporades

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Small, quiet and atmospheric, Alonissos is perhaps the most atmospheric of the Sporades. With a beautiful country with a view and cobbled streets, it invites you to walk through it, while the port leaves a very “warm” first impression as soon as you set foot on the island.

Enjoy your walks, visit the island’s marine park, which is the first in Greece and the largest protected marine area in Europe, and finally feel the meaning of a real vacation, which is relaxation and tranquility. Swimming in Alonissos is a unique experience with its many and different beaches: Agios Dimitrios with clear blue waters, Tzorgzi Gialos with an idyllic view, Spartinas for nudity, Vythisma for isolation…

Heraklia : far from civilization

If Heraklia is your summer destination, be sure to take all the money you need with you, as the island has no banks. Far from any trace of an urban environment, on the westernmost island of the Small Eastern Cyclades you will experience a dream vacation with swimming and eating to the fullest. Without much nightlife, the walks in the two settlements (Panagia or Chora and Agios Georgios) are the main occupation of all tourists and diving for the rest, who want to know the rich seabed of Heraklion.

The beaches of the island are located nearby and satisfy all tastes: Livadi for easy access, Karvounolakos for pebbles and blue color, Vourkaria for green and clear waters, Alimia for diving, etc.
For some, the holidays mean revelry, crowds and partying until morning. For some others it is synonymous with rest, bathing all day and getting away from everything urban and cosmopolitan. If you belong to the second category and have not yet arranged your holiday, then we can help you.

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Perhaps a few years ago, clubbing until the morning and strolling through the picturesque alleys of an island country, where your foot could barely fit under the many people, were the meaning of vacations. Not this year. This year you want to relax, leave your problems behind in the city, which you have carried around with you all year long, and take a bath, without your mat touching the neighbor’s mat. We recommend 5 places to lay out your mat in peace.

Meganisi: a breath from Lefkada

Although the tourist traffic on the island has been increasing in recent years, you still have time to enjoy its beauties and get into its slow rhythm. In Vathi, where the ferry from Nydri leaves you, you will find the life of the island, with fish taverns, restaurants and cafes, while in Spartochori you will have a view of the sea from above, since it is built on the top of the island .

There is also a third settlement, Katomeri, a picturesque village to take your walk, while you won’t know which beaches to choose between Fanari, Porto Elia, Ampelakia, Limonari, Agios Ioannis and various tiny beaches that you will discover on your way, with a high probability that you will be alone.
Nowadays, and especially in Western culture, it is quite common for people to live at a fast pace. Faced with this unhealthy reality, movements such as the slow life movement have been created that support a slower and more relaxed way of life .

According to this philosophy, the key to happiness and well-being lies in prioritizing habits that promote balance between body and mind, as well as the integral development of the individual. For example, this often includes spending more time with loved ones, getting physical or mental exercise, enjoying relaxing trips , and taking time to rest. Let’s take a closer look.

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What is slow life?

Slow life literally means “slow life” and refers to an international cultural movement that promotes a slower way of life . It prioritizes fundamental aspects of everyday life, such as rest, communication, eating, the here and now, and healthy personal relationships