The Biggest Indoor Plant Trends for 2023

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Plants are probably the best way to decorate our home either inside or outside. They offer color, smells and good energy to the space. Especially in 2023, the position of plants in the home is stronger than ever, as trends in decoration want nature in a leading role. And since every season has its own trends even when it comes to choosing houseplants, take a look here to see the biggest houseplant trends for 2023 .

The fern is one of the plants that will take the lead in decorating the house this year. It is one of the most resistant plants , with which you can decorate as you wish. You can place it in pots, baskets, etc.. Also, there are several options in fern species, to choose your favorite. Among the most popular for this year are the kangaroo fern , rabbit foot fern and blue star fern. Although the kangaroo fern needs plenty of moisture and light, it can easily adapt to less than ideal conditions, which will make it your favorite plant!

One of the decorative plants that in 2023 will definitely have a place in our homes is the fig tree . And for this plant there are many species that you can choose from. Ficus Benjamina and Ficus Umbellata are the ones that stand out this year and conquer our preference. Large plants are a big trend and Ficus Umbellata caters to it with both its large leaves and its height. On the other hand, Ficus Benjamina will impress with its shiny leaves and is also not particularly demanding.

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And since there are those who prefer flowering plants, the ” peace lily ” is the must choice for this year. It is an ideal plant for beginners, who have not dealt with plant care before, as it can forgive you some mistakes and omissions. Also, it is a beautiful flower, which can decorate your coffee table and shelves, even the floor. In addition, its pluses include the nice proportion of green and flowers . It is, in fact, one of the plants that help improve the quality of sleep , as well as fight allergies .

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers, with which you can beautifully decorate every corner of your home. However, unlike spathes, it is a more demanding plant. It needs enough sun and regular watering . Nevertheless, its wonderful flowers will reward you for the most care. Especially the orchids of the Cypripedioideae subfamily are the ones that will star this year. Prefer pots and not tall vases for orchids.

Another category of plants that is gaining attention this year are climbing plants . The species that will dominate this year are the ivy (grape ivy), the monstera (monstera deliciosa) and the satin lust or scindapsis (scindapsus pictus). Satin lust impresses with its unique leaves with gray spots, while it is also a hardy and adaptable plant. The ivy will look perfect if you put it in a basket and hang it, as it will create a small “fountain”. Finally, the monstera also combines the other trend of the season that wants the plants to be large and bulky. Another impressive feature is of course its leaves with the wonderful slits .

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These are the main types of plants that we will see this year in the decoration of houses. Of course any other plant that falls into these categories (e.g. large or climbing ), but also completely different, are welcome. Choose the ones you like, fit your space and you can take care of.

5 durable plants to decorate your home!

Indoor plants are a perfect finishing touch to your home decor. And this is because they give color and vitality to the space. However, if you don’t have much time with greens or you don’t have the time to take care of them, then there are some hardy plants that will hardly die for you!

It is true that many easy plants are not inferior in beauty to the most demanding ones. So, even if you’re not good at gardening, you don’t have to miss them. So discover 5 resistant plants to decorate your home !

Dracaena is an impressive plant that has several varieties and reaches different heights. Its advantage is that it is particularly durable, since it can withstand various lighting conditions. But avoid placing it in places in the house where strong light falls. It needs watering about once every 10 days , which means that even if you forget a little nothing happened!

Mother-in-law ‘s tongue , or sansevieria, is one of the most well-known and beloved indoor plants. And the reason for this, apart from its beauty, is that it is an easy plant . Place it in a spot with indirect light

The fern is a beautiful plant that is perfect for decorating hanging baskets, as its leaves fall beautifully! Its soil must be fresh, so if you want to know if it needs watering, just touch it. Other than that, it doesn’t have any special lighting or temperature requirements.

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Crassula belongs to the category of succulents, so its care is not particularly demanding. It can perfectly decorate your coffee table or even the floor in a large pot. It needs watering about once a week and loves light. One fact about the grapevine that you may not know is that it is considered a lucky plant , especially for your finances, since its leaves resemble coins!

The rubber fig is one of the most beautiful indoor plants that luckily is quite easy to maintain! A good spot in your house for the fig tree is next to a window where there is enough light. So, it will grow relatively quickly. It needs regular watering and you can even tell from its leaves if you water it as much as it needs! So if its leaves look droopy then it means it needs more water.