4 shops to shop for ceramics in Koukaki

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Mon Coin, Little Pot, Psit and Trabala, the four shops in Koukaki to shop for ceramics

It is possible that when you hear the words “Greek ceramics”, images of ancient amphorae adorning our museums, or kitsch imitations of ancient amphorae, which can be found in the tourist shops of Plaka, come to mind. And they are usually painted with shocking images of satyrs.

Of course, the tradition of Greece in ceramics finds its roots in antiquity and we see it accompanying our culture to this day, with exhibitions like that of “Picasso and Antiquity”. Despite this, the clay technique experienced a relative decline for several years, with very few artists engaged and even more sparse new creations and ateliers. But not anymore!

Modern shops with unique style and techniques, ready to offer you the most beautiful ceramic decorations (and not only) are springing up often and everywhere. And especially in Koukaki, the neighborhood that gathers all the new, fine, artistic minds of the city.

tion of many different artists of the city and all of them are characterized by a terrible

elegance and a special, minimalist style.
Mugs, bowls, vases, crockery, decorations and many other ceramic “gems”, in a shop that keeps its doors permanently open for everyone. Recently opened a second branch in Monastiraki, which has more of an atelier style and is also excellent.

Shit, you! Don’t miss a visit to Katerina Stamati’s colorful shop. Its aesthetics are the most modern, original and humorous you can find in a Greek brand and you won’t know where to look first.
The wonderful collection of ceramics is due to her mother, who in collaboration with experienced Greek craftsmen creates dishes with a special aesthetic and style.
In “Psit” you will also find everything from jewelry to magnets full of character and fun. When leaving, don’t forget to ask for a map of Koukaki, designed by Katerina herself.
It looks more like a stylish apartment than a ceramics studio, so the owners will make you feel at home. Jenny and Hercules love each other, they love clay and they love Trabala as more than just their shop.
They built it all themselves (yes, even the staircase), combining an open workshop (where you can watch Jenny create) with a downstairs area to admire the finished products.
The two will offer you donuts and butter candies, explain the incredibly complex chemistry behind each beautiful vase and let you explore the pastel colors, clear references to Greek tradition and contemporary aesthetics.
The new arrival of the neighborhood! Antonia worked as a sound engineer for many years, until she finally decided to leave it all behind and make a relationship with clay.
Her love for it is reflected in every cup, mug and elaborate plate that rests on the store’s shelves, while you immediately understand her personal aesthetic
Large doses of fairy tale, with decorations inspired by the Little Prince to the Three Little Pigs, influences from Ancient Greece,

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something from pinterest and all handmade and made with love.
What’s up with everyone doing ceramics?

Where you can take pottery classes, why it has long been characterized as the “new yoga” and where you can find unique handmade objects in Athens.
Moreover, although multi-tasking has been praised enough, more and more of us long to slow down and focus on a single activity that absorbs our thought and energy. But even if you belong to those who don’t want to get their hands dirty with clay, acquiring a ceramic object as a design object offers the satisfaction of uniqueness. An object that was made with love and its presence in the space reminds us of our distancing from an era characterized by fast consuming.

Pottery is an ancient art form that dates back to the Neolithic period.

Pottery is more than just working with wet clay – it involves many other processes that make it even more appealing – from shaping to create a useful object and painting to letting your imagination run free to create a work of art art.”I like it because I become a child again. I grab the clay and get dirty like then, without caring and without complicating myself. And it’s probably the only activity that helps me concentrate completely and forget the rest because clay is fragile and if you’re not 100% your work will break” says Nefeli, who started ceramics classes and now continues to deal with clay alone.

Ceramics are inclusive – a fitting term for the era

For Katerina, who has mostly worked in office jobs, ceramics was a revelation. She was won over by the fact that she could make something with her hands, get dirty and come back to something fundamental.

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I was moved, for example, to cook for a loved one and to have prepared both the food and the dish. And of course it was perfect to give handmade gifts to friends.”

Elektra Ceramics