How to make a successful home interior design!

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Home decor prefigures one’s style and preferences. Successful interior design depends on some tips that we will see below and will help you get the home of your dreams.

From the simple addition of some decorative items, to the play of colors and fabrics, everything can coexist ideally and highlight the spaces in the most special way.
Color in a home comes alive, catches the eye and takes guests on a unique journey. Add some bold color to the corner you want to highlight by adding your favorite piece of furniture. This can be either a coffee table with a decoration you love, or a sofa with a style that represents youDon’t neglect decorative pillows in a room as they can add an impressive touch and modern look. Play with fabrics and patterns and give intensity to the whole space. This way you will get a warm and chic interior decoration by transforming the room in a simple and economical way.Yes, these beautiful and special lamps can transform your living room or bedroom with the extraordinary finesse they give. Choose a material and color that matches the rest of the elements of the space and impress your guests with its elegance. See here 20 special floor lamps that you must see!

You can choose a fabric for your sofa depending on the season we are going through

For the winter, choose a warm cover such as knitwear that gives endless sophistication, in colors of red, gold or brown. For the summer, choose a thin fabric that impresses with the comfort and coolness it gives to the space. For Spring you can play with colors and patterns, while for Autumn give an elegant air with grey, beige or blue.
Plants bring freshness, color and vitality to spaces, so by adding a beautiful plant to the living room you give it the modern and fresh look you want. Also, you can put small pots on the fireplace, or vases with flowers on a dining table or buffet. It is an ideal addition with many health benefits as well, as it cleans the air and some chemicals. Also a great gift idea when visiting someone.

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Give your home notes of your own personality and shine with your unique taste. Do not neglect plants and decorative objects that can easily and quickly transform the environment in which you live. See 6 more popular decoration styles for your home!

In the world of interior design, few things are more complicated than a “before” and a fantastic “after”.
Seeing a blank canvas brings many images into our lives and especially into the lives of decorators. This is precisely a compelling reason to reexamine the hidden potential waiting to be revealed within your four walls.
This article explores many great home makeovers with new furniture , modern decor, carefully selected artwork, and more.

In some cases, even floor and wall treatments will be reported to you.
After the yellow walls and heavy wallpaper choices, this white living room immediately looks bigger. Metallic highlights add a sheen of subtle luxury and interior fixtures provide a soft natural touch. You may also notice that the floors have been changed – the old parquet and tile have been replaced with different and updated options.

Parquet floors have been replaced by wooden floor

designed to make the room appear longer. The classic (!) TV stand was also removed and replaced with a low modern sideboard . Simple white sofas and a coffee table with storage brighten the atmosphere. Decorative table lamps are replaced by an adjustable floor lamp.
Choose natural materials such as wood, thatch, bamboo, glass, rattan and paper and combine them with ceramic decorations, slate and natural fabrics and add plants and greenery. But don’t forget not to overdo it with the different materials and decorations, as this trend advocates balance and harmony.

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Japandi ‘s color palette is natural and neutral, with warm colors such as gray, beige, champagne, etc. You can create sophisticated contrasts, using natural and dark elements such as black, copper or dark brown.

Don’t forget that Japandi’s aesthetic is minimalist, with simple clean lines and shapes. In particular, it represents the warm and comfortable side of minimalism. “Empty” your space and keep only the essentials or the items you love and make you feel happy. Do not “choke” the surfaces with many decorative items. If you choose to decorate your walls, choose paintings depicting landscapes or abstract subjects and photographs in soft colors.

We’ve talked a lot this year about the biophilic decorating style and how we can bring nature into our home, making our space seem more alive. Accordingly, we can include the natural element in the Christmas decoration and create a special, modern and personal festive atmosphere.

There are many ways to create Christmas compositions with green shades and natural materials. You can for example decorate with classic, natural elements such as pine cones, moss and branches. Discover below natural, easy Christmas compositions to decorate the festive table, creating your own personal Christmas atmosphere.

Natural simplicity with a stone bowl

It doesn’t take much to embrace natural and elegant Christmas decor. For this technique, use the Kuri stone serving bowl to create a modern contrast between the bold stone element of the bowl and the green color of nature. You can reproduce the decoration of the image, using the Kuri bowl , moss, moss, pine branches and succulents.
Hyacinths can be a very beautiful and special Christmas detail. Using elegant glasses as pots, you can create small Christmas decorations that fit perfectly on your window, on a Christmas platter or as decorations for your table. To make the decoration more personal and special, you can add small branches or pine cones.

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