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We’re already past mid-November, so the time has come to reorganize for our favorite season. Situations may remain difficult but nothing can deprive us of the joy of Christmas. Even if you can’t wait like a little child for the holidays to come, here you will find the new decoration trends for Christmas 2021. Get inspired and start creating!

Decor inspired by nature

According to interior designers the theme for Christmas this year is nature. Green is the central color in home decor for the festive season and natural foliage will be a huge part of the Christmas aesthetic, so the more green the merrier! You can collect your own branches and pine cones to make arrangements and wreaths, or buy a ready-made arrangement to make your home more festive. Also, decorating with eucalyptus leaves is still Christmas trend.

Remember, a nice, dense Christmas tree adorned with dried flowers, wooden accessories and sparkling gold garlands exudes luxury.

For the festive table, combine metallic accents with plates with classic winter patterns and choose a red runner and napkins.

Put on dark shades

As always gold still dominates the decoration, but this year it is combined with darker shades. Especially when setting the Christmas table, an elegant choice is dark blue and purple candlesticks combined with light gold on the tablecloth and napkins. Also, this color combination works perfectly for compositions on darker walls.

Lights everywhere

As the classic LED lights look smaller every year, this year you can find something different. There are tons of options that work as decorations on their own – deer, fairies, balls, gift box, trees. Also, you can adapt them to your wreaths, mirrors and garlands. If you want to achieve a more “frozen” effect, combine lights with cold lighting with silver and white decorations, or lights with warm lighting with decorations in warm copper and gold tones for something more luxurious.

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And since on the one hand you want to take care of the environment, but on the other hand you keep old objects and souvenirs, now is the opportunity to take advantage of it. Instead of buying new decorations, modify or repair old ones for a more nostalgic feel. Use grandma’s vintage ornaments that you keep in the attic, old china, gilded tableware and lace tablecloths to evoke the best memories of the past.

Classic DIY decorations

The personal touch to the decoration adds more emotional value to the result. So this Christmas you can make your own festive decorations. Create garlands, wreaths and arrangements for the table or buffet with simple materials and branches. It’s also a great time to take up a craft you’ve always loved, from crochet to pyrography, painting to macramé. Especially macrame is very popular and does not need many tools or materials.

Decorating with cakes, chocolates and cookies

At this time, the kitchen has its honor. If you are interested in confectionery, not only for taste, but also for appearance, you can decorate with the goodies you will make. Create cakes and cookies and give them an impressive look to decorate your table. Hang a calendar with chocolates for each day until Christmas. Find cookie and cake designs online and even a cookie house and try your hand at it.

Gift baskets

Indeed, wicker gift baskets are the most beautiful thing to have in the dining room or under the Christmas tree. You can fill it with local products and delicatessen products, such as wines, nuts, chocolates or whatever your appetite and wallet takes.

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The difficulties of the past years have strongly shown us the importance of health, family and friendship, so do your best and give a special dimension and meaning to this year’s Christmas.
Thinking about what gift to get for Secret Santa at work? Check out some clever gift ideas for colleagues.

When it’s Secret Santa’s time at work, are you excited or anxious? If you love to shop, you may have already thought of dozens of ideas for Secret Santa gifts for your coworkers. If not, you probably need help, or rather some inspiration.

Some tips for buying gifts as a Secret Santa
Buying a gift as a Secret Santa is a symbolic gesture full of joy, which even brings the employees of a company closer together. However, there are also some informal rules that you should keep in mind before making any purchase. Specifically:

Stay within budget since it is a symbolic gift where the intention and not the cost counts above all
If you don’t know the colleague well, subtly seek the opinion of third parties who may have known each other longer and have a more complete picture of his/her tastes
If you order the gift online, make sure to do it in time because the courier companies are on fire during the holidays

Make sure to get a festive gift bag along with the gift, maybe even a card to write a wish on to make it more personal and accessible
Classic Christmas gifts

There are some classic gifts that will leave you white-faced for your choice. They are not necessarily safe choices, because even in this case you have to do your research, outlining the colleague who was lying to you. However, these are gifts that can more or less satisfy someone and bring a smile to their
For book lovers, their value is truly priceless. So what’s better than finding a book, or even a category, that interests your colleague and giving it as a
It is a timeless gift and of course timely, since the new year is starting soon, new resolutions are added to the to-do list, etc. Therefore, despite the digitization of everything, an agenda is always useful. Ideally, don’t get a dry and too plain agenda, but one with more interest and fun (eg with messages of optimism, different sections for notes). Also, be sure to enrich your gift with stickers, pens, bookmarks, post it papers, etc. for a more complete result.