Excellent interior layout and wonderful decoration

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The beginning of each new period of our lives is synonymous with renewal and change, which means one thing: an open invitation to step outside your comfort zone!

So what could be more drastic than starting the change from your own home? Besides, beautiful home, beautiful you.

If you spend a little time on Pinterest or Instagram, you will surely have noticed that color has made an absolute comeback in modern home decor !

This year, more than ever, natural materials, earthy colors and bold patterns are adopted for an aesthetic and psychological rejuvenation.

This year’s proposals will claim a place in the decoration of your interior. A clarion call to let your creativity run free for experimentation.
Green, again and again!

Green is one of the colors that will lift us up this year!

It has its due in terms of fabrics, home and wall decorations.

However, an indoor plant will reward you in the most refreshing way, instantly and easily.

Pots were, are and will be a constant must in interior decoration. Live sensation of freshness!Living Room Decoration: Accent Wall

In the context of highlighting the walls, hanging fabrics known as “tapestries” as well as imaginative tapestries give a creative twist to your home decoration . Particular motifs, monochrome or multi-coloured, as well as floral displays enhance the decoration in an easy, economical and original way.

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Enhance the warmth of your living room by choosing modern wooden coffee tables made of solid natural wood .Bedroom decoration: The ceiling “otherwise”

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And while you often hear about emphasizing the walls, we will suggest you look at the ceiling with… “another eye”.

This year we give the neglected and boring ceiling the chance to make its mark.

It takes center stage with geometric pattern wallpapers, natural illustrations and whatever else experiment for an unexpected surprise to anyone who enters the space.

See the options in solid wood beds that warm your bedroom.

A little imagination and daring never hurts! Do you agree? We share with you additional 5 modern ideas for decorating a bedroom in a romantic style .
During its renovation, the internal partitions were reformed so that a comfortable corridor, joined to the highly functional entrance area, covers the entire length of the house and a living room-office, 2 bedrooms and a kitchen are developed in a parallel arrangement along the corridor.
It is a highly functional layout that takes full advantage of both the overall available space and the natural lighting in all rooms, while the few pieces of furniture in completely austere lines, the wooden floor, the use of “distinctive” vintage details, the textures of the fabric elements and the white on the walls and large surfaces combined with pastel and earth tones create a really “warm” atmosphere. The kitchen is the area of ​​the house that really impresses the most with the choice of the very special wallpaper, the black and white tile on the floor and the gray shade of the cabinets, very unique decorative combinations, while its development along the two parallel long walls and the placing the table next to the window makes it particularly functional.
2022 is just a few 24 hours away and the trends that will dominate this year’s home decor have already arrived.

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The new year has just begun and the trends that will dominate home decoration are already making their appearance. Things are changing somewhat, but pluralism remains! On the one hand, this year we will see neutral colors, minimalism and clear lines dominate. And on the other hand, 2022 “screams” nature, vintage and contrasts. Whichever “camp” you belong to, one thing is certain, that this year’s decoration trends turn a blind eye to natural and recyclable materials, wood, beautiful fabrics and special decorations. In addition, comfort and functionality are an end in themselves.

What will win us this year in terms of decorating a home?

Neutral Colors

2023 “embraces” a more neutral color palette in terms of decoration, which lends peace and tranquility. After all, with staying at home due to the pandemic – and previously due to successive lockdowns – everyone more or less sought peace within themselves, and also within their home. And it is certain that basic colors such as white, gray or beige on the walls , furniture and fabrics have this “ability”. The earth tones, the variety in textures and materials, and the raw unfinished surfaces, allow us to express our uniqueness, shaping our personal space in such a special way. Therefore, if you are thinking of making a change in your space, move to these shades!
Velvet on the furniture

Velvet has always given a luxury and a warmth to any space you encountered it, and it represents the same in 2023: Aristocracy and Luxury Coziness. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home, you can choose a sofa with velvet upholstery in an emerald color – roux blue is a good choice as well as deep red – or a similar armchair to “fill” a corner of the house with splendor you. This addition alone will make you see your living room with a different eye!
Equipped home office

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The pandemic brought with it, i.e. telecommuting, which for most people even today is a daily routine. Even if you continue to work from home, it is at least self-evident – and you are already late – that you should equip your space appropriately . Therefore, a desk and a chair are a must. For starters! From then on, don’t forget to decorate, according to your taste, your new home office . Not only will it lift your mood, but it will also make you more productive at work.

For another year, minimalism is leading the way and in particular, styles such as the Nordic style are being adopted all over the world