Wooden house interiors that will impress you with their beauty

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Kitchen secrets, bathroom secrets, wardrobe secrets. Secrets for the whole house and for each; housewife. Bookmark this article. He will need you many times.

To deal with unpleasant odors in the refrigerator , place a piece of chalk on the middle shelf, and near the back of the refrigerator. Be sure to change the chalk every two weeks. Alternatively you can use Greek coffee or baking soda. Use a paper coffee bag or a large open can of baking soda.

To remove the salts from your kettle, fill it with equal amounts of water and vinegar. Turn on the kettle and once it shuts off automatically leave it overnight. The next day, empty the mixture and rinse the kettle. Fill it with water and let it boil. Rinse and the kettle is ready to use.

To get rid of burnt grease from pans and pots , fill the pans with water and dissolve 4-5 effervescent headache tablets in them. After an hour, wash the dishes.

To protect the washing machine from salt , at regular intervals run the washing machine empty by placing baking soda in the detergent compartment.

To keep the color of your colorful towels vibrant , add a cup of salt to the water in their first wash. Colors will stay vibrant for longer.

Talc is an effective weapon for greasy stains as it absorbs most of it, salt treats wine stains, and milk is effective for ink stains.

For easier ironing , place aluminum foil under the ironing board cover.

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If your suitcases have been unused for a long time and smell musty, open them a few days before using them, place 2-3 sugar cubes inside each, and close them again. When you open them the unpleasant smells will have disappeared.

To make your home smell nice, soak a piece of cotton with the scent of your choice and hide the cotton near the body of your radiator. Renew the perfume every two to three days

To deal with cigarette smells , place a small bowl of water and vinegar on the radiator. The vinegar neutralizes the spiciness. Alternatively you can light candles. The candle flame eliminates the smell of the cigarette.

If after cooking your hands smell of onion or garlic , take a spoonful of Greek coffee and rub your hands well.

Use a few drops of lemon and wipe your glass table with a paper towel to make it sparkle.

If your floor creaks, put some talcum powder between the split pieces of wood.

To revive a dying fireplace fire throw a handful of coarse salt on the fire. BEWARE , the flames will shake.

To fight mold on the bathroom tiles, wet a cotton ball with bleach and leave it on the spot where the mold is.

If you have sliding doors in your bathroom and you are tired of cleaning them from water salts, wipe them with a soft cloth soaked in baby oil. You will be free from stains for at least several months. Water, soap and everything else will drain into your tub, leaving the door glass clean.

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To remove limescale from your shower phone , leave it in a bowl of vinegar for a whole day.

If the atmosphere in the toilet is not so pleasant , expel any unpleasant smell by closing the door, lighting a match or two, if the space is large, and letting it burn.

They say that a good housewife is a slave and a lady … Such an opinion is now completely outdated, since the free time of every working woman is quite limited … Men are now forced to contribute to the housework, even if if they pout, whine or avoid it … Which men of the zodiac are willing to help with sweeping, mopping, washing dishes and in general all household chores? Who are you going to have a hard time with? How should you handle them? Read the zodiac sign and the horoscope of the man you are interested in to be aware of what awaits you ….ARIES MAN Are you expecting
an Aries man to help you with the housework? You’re a total joke… Your house will look like it’s permanently bombed, with his socks and shoes left and right or even in the most unlikely places! Quarrels about packing will be on a permanent basis… An Aries man can really help you when you want to move or throw things…

You will never see a Taurus man mopping or putting out laundry, except when there is a serious need that cannot be done otherwise… A Taurus is the traditional man who wants his house tidy. It will certainly bring together your living room or room, but know that you will do the rest….

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ready for big parties … The Gemini man is a swashbuckler, he won’t want you to sit at home even for a moment, let alone spend it in company. He will tell you that he will help you, he will tell you that he will do the jobs he asked you, but he will always find a good excuse to slip away… How to handle him? Tell him that his PC is going to burst from too much dust and let him help you tidy up just his office!

With a lot of nagging, a lot of blaming and emotional blackmail, the Cancer man will help you with the housework! However, I warn you that he will throw the line at you: “My mother never asked my father to do chores…she knew what family meant”! Don’t pay too much attention to him…